A list

  1. Testy – doesn’t sound good and it looks worse but I wished people used it more often. No other word can really encapsulate the ‘edging towards something, frustrated and not giving a fuck’ nature of the word. The dictionary definition is disappointing as fuck because it does not mean irritable. ‘Testy remarks’ to me is the only way it can be used. Not feeling testy. Two friends were making v testy remarks to each other in gc and I wanted to call them out on it only Bc t meant I would get to use the word testy. R: I lowkey think … M: it doesn’t matter … need experience … have to stop shielding them R: They can gain experience anywhere M: if they want to we can’t tell them they can’t R: I’m not telling anyone they can’t do anything. And then later there was the refusal to add R to gc.
  2. Straight Edge – not a fucking ruler. But also not a cult. People should use it more to make it casual. “I’m a straight edge”
  3. Revel – ‘And I fucking revel in it’
  4. Sydney Morning Herald –  http://www.smh.com.au/ They say it’s news site of the year more like news site of my heart bc the url is “smh.com”. I use the word ‘smh’ a ridiculous amount because it seems to fit e v e r y w h e r e. Although it means ‘shaking my head’ the way i tend to use it is ‘so much hate’ and i think people who talk to me (in real life or over the internet) a lot get that. I also love to use ‘smfh’ when i’m feeling edgy. But I happened upon this page by accident and I don’t really read the news at all but I occasionally read this page just for the memes. There are a lot of things I do just for the memes. I legit enjoy doing things for the memes even if no one else actually knows about or understands the meme. If I was another person (who cared less about what people thought and owned eyeliner) I would wear emo Pete Wentz style eyeliner just for the fucking meme. So yeah. My favorite news site. And the only news site I read like ever.
  5. Vigilant Citizenhttps://vigilantcitizen.com/ Also happened upon this by accident and i read this for the meme too but it’s actually pretty interesting. I love conspiracy theories. Friends and I make conspirary theories sometimes and it’s so fun. Sometimes wish I was imaginative enough to believe conspiracy theories. I’m pretty imaginative as it is, I actually think I have a great imagination. But even though I can imagine and truly want to believe certain conspiracy theories are true I just can’t. Too much of a cynic/realist. Regardless,  I truly enjoy reading through this website.
  6. How To: Kill by Drowning http://uncyclopedia.wikia.com/wiki/HowTo:Kill_by_Drowning  Read it. Just do it. It’s hilarious. I love they style of humor it’s beautiful. And I kind of like suicide related comedy in general. That makes me sound problematic and like a jerk but its the shock factor.  I fucking revel in it. I could make a living off of the shock factor. Anyways, aside from that the page is still beautiful. I love the beef with ‘Kill by burning’ but was very sad when I couldn’t find an actual uncyclopedia page on kill by burning. I love uncyclopedia in general though. I also like Wikipedia in general. Another cure for boredom. Back to the Kill by Drowning page, it can also work as a tag yourself meme. Are you suicidal, murderer, competitive or do you hate animals?! I love tag yourself memes but what I love even more is turning things that aren’t memes into tag yourself memes. So that just adds to the pure art that is the How To: Kill by Drowning uncyclopedia page.
  7. “I’ve got troubled thoughts and the self esteem to match” – This is a lyric from the Fall Out Boy song “What a Catch Donnie”. I don’t really listen to music but I like And this lyric is stuck in my head and it’s beautiful. I love the angst. Fall Out Boy lyrics in general are beautiful and so they get stuck in my head a lot so expect a lot of those on this page.
  8. White Picket Fence – Traditional. Old Fashioned. Idealistic. Me. This blog probably doesn’t reflect it (because on here I am e d  g y) but I follow the rules and I believe in them. Authority, tradition, culture, norms, you name it. I also like the way ‘White Picket Fence’ sounds. When I grow up I wanna have a white picket fence (for the meme ofc). But I also like how the phrase can be used as a symbol and a description and a ‘fuck you’ to it’s meaning.
  9. Brutal Honesty – today a friend told me “brutal honesty is kinda your thing” and I find that hilarious because of how many lies I tell how often, especially to this friend. And yet, it’s true that to this friend I don’t filter my thoughts because they’re mean or may make this person feel bad. Regardless, I think that I am someone who lots of people would consider brutally honest and I don’t mind. I also like the way the words sound and look together – they just fit together in a way that isn’t necessarily pretty or beautiful but they fit together in a way that feels they are right together, important together.
  10. Typhoid Mary – this girl is my new favorite meme so get ready for a summary of her Wikipedia page. Okay so Typhoid Mary was born in 1869 (ikr ’69 but that’s not even close to the best part). She was a cook in New York. And she kept getting jobs for families but a while after she would get these jobs people in the family would fall ill and get typhoid and this happened like seven times until people got suspicious and forcibly quarantined her where they found a typhoid causing bacteria in her gall bladder (she was the first asymptomatic carrier identified in the US and not that’s not the best part either). But this bitch is stubborn af and she refused to do the following things: 1) have her gall bladder removed 2) accept that she could be the reason everyone she works for gets typhoid 3) stop working as a cook (she was actually released from confinement on the condition that she would not work as a cook but she changed her name and ran from the authorities to continue working as a cook) 4) wash her hands (and this might be the best fucking part because apparently she didn’t wash her hands because she didn’t understand the purpose of it). And the end of this story is hilarious because she was once again caught and put into quarantine and died (at the age of s i x t y n i n e) after spending 30 years confined on a fucking island in isolation. And now she lives on through pop culture references. Isn’t that fucking amazing? Such a fucking meme I’m crying.
  11. Pop Punk – when people ask me what kind of music I listen to I say I don’t really listen to music that much but favorite genres are pop punk and punk rock (and this is actually one of the few things I’m not lying about). Anyways the look that they give me after I say pop punk is hilarious and I fucking revel in it. Half the reason I like pop punk is because of how lame people think it is and how people think that every song sounds the same and they’re right. And I 100% accept the cliché of angsty pizza eating skinny jeans wearing teenagers and it’s so cringey I love it.
  12. Fight Club – Love the movie. Love the book. One of the few things I can sit through anymore.