Dear Diary, I’m so ready for Thanksgiving Break

Today instead of writing bad poetry (glorified journal writing) I’m actually just gonna write a journal entry so let’s see how it goes.

I woke up really early this morning and studied for a math test. Exciting right? After math test in first per. I worked on internship stuff (interview that I’ve been working on for over a week) and in the middle I got an email from my mentor sending me even more work to do. My mentor makes me do like all of her references/citations/finding articles work probably because I’m good at it and also very quick/efficient but also because it’s very tedious and time consuming. I worked on internship stuff throughout math and environmental science. Then I walked to the mall near school and continued working in the library. It took me until around 4 to finish all the work which is really frustrating considering I was working on it since like 9. I need to somehow aproach mentor and tell her to give me less work but I don’t like confrontation and that also seems very whiny/unprofessional so I’m not sure what to do.

BUT ! Let’s talk about the h i g h l i g h t of my day: sports

Ok so I have pretty much 0 interest in sports but while I’m doing work I listen to the nearby University’s radio station in which students get 1 hr slots where they usually play music and talk about the music. But one of the segments today was a segment where these two guys talked about sports and I originally was going to click away and play some music but I decided to stay on and I’m so glad I did. The two guys both were really into sports but the way they talked about it just made it seem really interesting and relaxing. At the beginning they were talking about baseball and they started talking about this really young Japanese baseball player who has been called the Japanese Babe Ruth. Apparently he’s gonna leave Japan to compete in the MLB and so the teams are all gonna be trying to snatch him up. They talked a lot about which teams they thought would get him but I don’t remember this part as much. What I thought was really cool was how this guy was really young and if he stayed in Japan for two more years before coming here he would make a ton of money but he’s in it for the sport, the challenge, the competition, so he’s coming over here now and that’s really admirable. They also talked a lot about football and basketball – I learned what a triple double is! and the entire thing was just very relaxing and wholesome. At one point they were encouraging people to come to the football game this week and one of them said “sports teams are like tinkerbell! The more you believe in them, the better they do!” and I practically melted, ready to get on that bus to go to a fucking football game. At the end of the show (because this was Wednesday before Thanksgiving) they decided to talk about what they were thankful for and they talked about how they were thankful for sports because of the bonds and friendships created from talking about sports as well as how when you talk about sports you can just forget about everything else and relax, have fun, and now I really really want to be a sports person because the idea of that seems so appealing. I now feel like I understand more the jocks who I am surrounded by in class because they are a l w a y s talking about football or wrestling, or something and now I wish I had something like that to always talk about. But anyways, this was a very wholesome radio show and I hope I can continue listening to it (it’s a weekly thing).

Also this was so much more enjoyable than a slot Monday night where one of the girls started off her slot with “Happy Thanksgiving! Shout out to all the indigenous people who died so we could eat turkey but we can’t even do that because we’re vegetarians” and the rest of the hour was pretty much just as annoying.

But when I was done with all my internship work I was supposed to meet friend K and she and I would drive to mall to meet friend S and hang out but friend K and I both got bogged down by work and by the time we were done we both had other plans and friend S was alone at the mall and today just feels like a series of missed connections.

But eventually I bought some caffeine and got food w/ friend A before going to friend A’s house and watching American Psycho! will be posting some sort of review.

Was super fun, I like watching movies with people when they let me make as much commentary as I want.

It’s around 9:30 right now and I’m getting ready for sleep. I kind of want to talk about someone but it’s awk – I’ll think about talking about them later

good night




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